hi, confused about the location of a show? please. feel free to express yer questions @
laughablerecordings AHT gmail DUHT com 

with my pup, Tina, plus shows w. Ralph White! 
              JANUARY 2017                      
3rd - Allston, MA @ the old dreamy spot 
4th - Queens, NY @ Trans Pecos 
5th - Philly, PA @ the Vat
6th - Allentown, PA @ Coffee Shop Without Limits
7th - Harrisonburg, VA @ Golden Pony
8th - Lexington, KY @ Green Lantern
9th - Nashville @ Betty's
10th - Memphis @ TBA
11th - New Orleans, LA @ Dorgenois House
12th - Houston @ TBA
13th - Austin @ TBA*
14th - Austin? @ TBA*
15th - Marfa, TX @ Lost Horse Saloon*
16th - Las Cruces, NM @ Camp the Farm*
17th - Tucson, AZ @ Exploded View Gallery*
18th - Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space*
19th - Joshua Tree @ Frontier Cafe*
20th - Los Angeles @ TBA


DANG I haven't updated this website since last march.  So many shows have happened since then. Patriots still playing, and then lots of solo shows and collaborations with Tom K, Caethua, Ralph White, Adrienne Berry, Greg Jamie, and new projects like CAMMO and LEGION.  Keeping so busy - All over the northeast!  more to come to!  lots of tours coming up this winter, all over the wretched nation.  Not time to properly update now, but here's a flier for a show this Thursday in Kennebunkport.... 

UPCOMING TOUR -                               

3/30 - Wed. - Bennington, VT @ Bennington College
3/31 - Thurs. - Allentown, PA - @ Goodweeknd w/ Gym Shorts
4/1 - Fri. - Harrisonburg, VA @ MACROCK2016 @ the Golden Pony w/ Buck Gooter, Sediment Club & MORE
4/2 - Sat. - Norfolk, VA @ Charlie's American Cafe
4/3 - Sun. @ help?
4/4 - Mon.- Jacksonville, FL @ Shanty Town
4/5 - Tues. - St. Petersburg. Fl - @ Edan’s new DJ night 
4/6 - Wed. - Miami, FL @  a house w/ Rat Bastard
4/7 - Thurs. - Tallahassee, FL @ TV Land w/ Yikes, Sleeper Key
4/8 - Fri- New Orleans, LA @ w/ Nulo, One Off
4/9 - Sat. - Memphis , TN @ the Lamplighter
4/10 - Sun. - St. Louis, MO @ w/ Hardbody, Skin Tags, Blight Future
4/11- Mon - Kansas City , MO @ Blind Tiger w/ Phantom Head, Tongues
4/12- Tues - Iowa City, IA  @ Breast Imagining Center, w/ Alex Body, Haunter
4/13 - Wed - Minneapolis, MN - @ Riverboat w/ Miami Dolphins, Mar Harbrine (Markus), Egg Replacer
4/14 - Thurs- Madison, WI - @ Mickey’s Tavern w/ Hallowed Bells, Conjuror
4/15 - Fri - Chicago, IL @ Situations 
4/16 - Sat. - Louisville, KY - @ Kaiju 
4/17 - Sun - Nashville, TN - @ drkmtr w/ Gnarwhal, Tomato Face, Sallow
4/18 - Mon. - @ Help ? 
4/19 - Tues. - Columbus, OH - @ Cafe Bourbon - $1 Pierogi night :)
4/20 - Wed. - Pittsburgh, PA 
4/21 - Thurs- Philadelphia, PA - @ LAVASpace w/ Buck Gooter, Bugs and Rats, Northern Liberties 
4/22 -Fri. - New York, NY - @ Aviv w/ The Sediment Club , Guardian Alien, Worse

4/23 - Sat. - Boston, MA @ New England Underground Music Fest w/ Video Nasties, Pile and many more

PAST SHOWS/TOURS/misc. information

13th · Portland, ME · Space Annex Trail Off*
18th · Boston, MA · Deep Thoughts*
19th · Providence, RI · Tommy's*
20th · Turners Falls, MA · Brick House*
21st · Brooklyn, NY · Trans-Pecos*
22nd · day off · 
23rd · Harrisonburg · Nu Pie
24th · Asheville · Static Age
25th · Nashville · DRKMATTR
26th · St. Louis · Foam
27th · Kansas City · Night Blooms
28th · day off ·
29th · Dallas · Outwardbound mix tape session at RBC^
1st · Austin · TBA^
2nd · Austin · TBA^
3rd · Houston · Beta Theater^
4th · NOLA · Mudlark Theater
5th · Northern Florida · help?
6th · Orlando, FL · TBA - more info soon! 
(from here on, it'll just be Tom K and me)
7th · Macon, GA · Fresh Produce 
8th · Charleston, SC · Vinyl Countdown 
9th · Norfolk, VA · Wolf's Den 
10th · Philadelphia, PA · Fletcher's house I believe
11th · Worcester, MA · Firehouse
* Colby performs with Greg Hartunian as Dimples'
^ with Ralph White

few TBAs on here, but will have more info soon, so just ask if ya interested!

NEST FEST 3 - August 21st and 22nd 

TOMORROW, July 11th - Colby Nathan with the Nasties
I'm playing amidst Portland's finest!  Video Nasties will be acting as my band, and dang, it's fun! 

PROVIDENCE - @ <3 b="" cr="" warehouse="">
Fri. July 17th - w/ Tom Kovacevic, Thorn (Tayla's new music!)

BOSTON (afternoon) - Grass Stains @ Revere Beach
Sat. July 18th - I play solo w/ Tom Kovacevic, and many many more
and later that night,
ALLSTON (evening) - @ Sonam's house yooow
Sat. July 18th still - I play solo w/ Tom Kovacevic, Thorn, Couples Counseling, Blood Club

CAMBRIDGE - @ Middle East Upstairs
Mon. July 20th - Patriots w/ Toupee, Guerilla Toss, What? Cheer Brigade

GREENFIELD - @ John Doe Jr.
Wed. July 22nd - Patriots w/ Toupee, Sediment Club, Syko Friend, Gay Mayor

AMHERST - @ Mystery Train Records
Fri. July 24th - I play solo w/ Tom Kovacevic, Shrinnirs, Estey Organ Project

WORCESTER - @ Firehouse
Sat. July 25th - I play solo w/ Tom Kovacevic, and more TBA

BROOKLYN - @ Trans-Pecos 
Wed. July 29th - I play solo w/ Josephine Foster, Ed Askew Band

AUG. 1st - Boston NICE GUYS release PATRIOTS and POWER MASTERS Too

May 29th - Colby Nathan (with the Nasties), with Visitations*, Grape Room, and The Lentils @ Poland St!!



more info coming soon or visit or email me hahahaha
6/3 - Hadley
6/4 - Rochester
6/5 - Buffalo
6/6 - Ohio
6/7 - Ann Arbor
6/8 - Chicago
6/9 - Madison
6/10 - Minneapolis 
6/11 - Kansas City
6/12 - St. Louis
6/13 - Nashville 
6/14 - Athens, GA
6/15 - Asheville
6/16 - Norfolk, VA
6/17 - Baltimore
6/18 - Philly
6/19 - New York?  things got fucked for this one 

4/13-  @ Zuzu's , Cambridge, MA - w/ Ursula , the Channels 

4/25 - @ Industry Lab, Somerville, MA -w/ Multicult,  Albert Demuth
5/12 - @ the Red Door, Portsmouth, NH - w/ Pile  

5/17 - @ The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA - w/ Lightning Bolt, Skimask

5/23 - @ Matthew's Pub, Portland , ME  - w/ Buck Gooter 

5/24 - @ AS220 in Providence  - w/ Buck Gooter

CAETHUA and Colby Nathan TOUR:  

Jan.28th - PORTLAND, ME @ New Systems Laundry
 tour kick off with Greg Jamie, Garm, and Greef
 LP release for Caethua's "Red Moon"
 CS release for G.Jamie/C.Nathan "Youthful Dementia"

Jan.29th* - BROOKLYN, NY @ Silent Barn
 w/ Grape Room, the Lentils, C.E. Schneider Topical

Jan.30th* - UCONN @ UCONN

Jan.31st - PROVIDENCE, RI @ Aurora 
 w/ JPA falzone ensemble, Alex K Redfern and Luke Damrosch

Feb.1st - GREENFIELD, MA @ John Doe Jr. Records
 w/ Dredd Foole, Curse Purse, Omeed Goodarzi 

Feb.2nd - HUDSON, NY @ the Spotty Dog
 w/ Liv Carrow

Feb.3rd - BALTIMORE, MD @ 5th Dimension

Feb.4th - CHAPEL HILL, NC @ the Nightlight

Feb.5th - ASHEVILLE, NC @ the Mothlight

Feb.6th - CHARLESTON, SC @ Spaghetti Sack

Feb.7th - SAVANNAH, GA @ the Sentient Bean

- - - Caethua heads south, Colby heads north - - -

Feb.8th - day off

Feb.9th - RICHMOND, VA @ Auxiliary 

Feb.10th - HARRISONBURG, VA @ Spaghetti World

Feb.11th - KUTZTOWN, PA @ Rattail Record

Feb.14th - NEW YORK, NY @ Otto's Shrunken Head
 w/ Ed Askew Band, CE Schneider Topical, Andrea Schiavelli

Feb. 16th - JAMAICA PLAIN, MA @ Midway Cafe

 w/ Jane La Onda

*Colby with (new england) patriots

Ralph White and Colby Nathan TOUR:


13th - potluck at my house

14th - Dover @ Casa Bonobo

15th - Boston @ Whitehaus

16th - Portland @ Space Gallery

17th - Easthampton @ the Homesteady

18th - New Haven @ Casa de Carrot

19th - Brooklyn @ Grand Victory
(just Ralph, no Colby on this one!)

20th - Philadelphia @ Titan House

21st  - New York @ Bard house

22nd - Buffalo @ Le Manior De Merde

23rd - Chicago @ House of Usher

24th - day off

25th - Ann Arbor @ 8Ball Saloon

26th - Detroit @ HELP!!!

27th - Windsor @ the Meeting Place

28th - Toronto @ NLS PRZNTS

29th - Burlington @ New City Gallerie

30th - Worcester @ Firehouse


1st - Turner's Falls @ the Brick House

2nd - Providence @ Dan's House thanks Austin!

Ralph White four years ago! -

Me two years ago! -

Columba Fasciata and (New England) Patriots TOUR:
Tues. 10/28* - Bennington, VT
Wed. 10/29* - Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooski's w/ Nancy & Sheer Mag
Thurs. 30th* - Cleveland, OH @ the church
HALLOWEEN in Chicago @ Quenchers (Phantom Phest) w/ ONO, Evil Beaver
Sat. 11/1- Milwaukee @ Quarters Rock and Roll Palace
Sun. 11/2 - Minneapolis @ ?
Mon.11/ 3 - Iowa City @Gabe's w/ Alex Body
Tues. 11/4 - Columbia, MO @ the Berlin Cafe w/ Spunky Toofers 
Wed. 11/5- Nashville, TN @ Rat Snake Lodge w/ Mincemeat or Tenspeed & Spiritual Recess
Thurs. 11/6 - Athens, OH @ The Smiling Skull :)
Fri. 11/7 - Ann Arbor, MI @ Reed's Co-op w/ Super Thing & Human Skull 

Sat. 11/8* - Buffalo, NY
Sun. 11/9* - Bard College 

Mon. 11/10* - Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio :) w/ Pampers
* = just Patriots




August 29th!!  Below are driving directions with parking details. Remember to bring: camping stuff (if you intend to camp), eating stuff (if you intend to eat), drinking stuff (especially water, though I will pick up a few cases, as well), sunscreen (if your need it), bug spray (if you need it), if you have a grill (there should be enough, may not a bad idea to bring extras, probably fine though!) BUT extra charcoal is a smart idea.  Pets are welcome.  There isn't a lot of shade, so a cap or a parasol or something is advisable.  There are some ponds and spots to swim on the property as well, just so ya know!  Only major thing is to make sure not to walk on the cranberry bogs, thanks!  Oh yes, and there's no rain location for the show, if it just drizzles a lil we'll go for it, but if it's looking like heavy rains, we wont be able to have electricity pumpin' out there. Also, there will be portapotties.  

Nest and Sons Inc.
Boulder Drive
Kennebunk, ME

12:00 - Heart Murmur Sounds Good
12:40 - Family Planning 
1:20 - Greg Jamie (O'D'E'A'T'H)
2:00 - Ao Oad 
2:40 - Saralee
3:20 - DomeWZRD & Renaissance Bitch
3:40 - Nathan Ventura
4:20 - Dark Rodeo
5:00 - ded library (Witch Wolf)
5:40 - Yairms/AHLLHA
6:20 - Greg Hartunian
7:00 - Tom Kovacevic
7:40 - NE Patriots
8:20 - id m theft able
9:00 - Video Nasties
9:40 - Big Blood
10:20 - the false woodsman (Lazy Magnet)
11:00 - Guerilla Toss 
11:40 - God's Dogs 
schedule subject to alteration for sure!

Directions heading NORTH on I-95:
take exit 25 for Kennebunk.
get off exit ramp, drive to stop sign, take a right. 
then take first right after crossing over the bridge going over the turnpike, Alewive Rd./rt.35 
follow that road straight for 3.5 miles
turn left onto Boulder Dr. 
follow that dirt road straight, follow signs for Nest Fest

Directions heading SOUTH on I-95:
take exit 25 for Kennebunk.
follow exit ramp road to stop sign
take a right onto Alewive Rd./rt.35 
follow that road straight for 3.4 miles
turn left onto Boulder Dr. 
follow that road straight, follow signs for Nest Fest. 

(new england) patriots shows can maybe be found at:

we got may 26, 31, and june 12 in boston in various places, yowww
we got three days with pile june 13 14 15
we got a few days with palberta june 1, then 19 20 21 22
(and colby gonna play the 18 too)
May 29 - colby nathan solo show at oak and the ax in biddeford with pitch (tayla), dog, methuin muir, and older men

June 6 - colby solo again with fountainsun (dan higgs) at a special house in JP

June 10 - heart murmur sounds good fourth ever performance with bad history month, dust from 1000 years, and family planning

also at oak
Greg Jamie/Colby Nathan/Greg Hartunian February West Coast Tour
green creen corm  
t 11th - Los Angeles @ Lot 1 w/ slums, starved root 

w 12th - West Covina in the park, Jon Barba style with noise and all the boooys 

f 14th - Pomona at the dA thank you Manny

s 15th - Oakland at Tendafoot 

s 16th - Arcata at The Bird House 

m 17 th - Eugene at the Campbell Club

t 18th - Portland at Townshend Tea

w 19th - Seattle at Cafe Racer 

th 20th - Tacoma/Seattle, still need a show this day :-*

f 21st - Olympia at the Mad House

s 22nd - Portland at The North Hole

s 23rd - Breightenbush at Krisdin's House

w 26th - Oakland at Life Changing Ministries

th 27th - San Francisco at some secret show
you just gotta ask me, bub,

f 28th - Santa Cruz at Could use some help! Any halpin' good.

s 1st - Los Angeles at house yowyowyow

s 2nd - Los Angeles at Pehrspace (though Greg Jamie'll be on a plane)
Colby Nathan tour with Ralph White 
thurs. 28th - New York, NY @ 11th st bar
w/o Colby

fri. 29th - Philadelphia @ the Spruce Caboose 
w/ Geb the Great Cackler, Ghost in Salad, and Kellzo's lecture series

sat. 30th - Montague, MA @ Book Mill
w/ Frozen Corn

sun. 1st - Brattleboro, VT @ confirmed at tba
w/ luke csehak's cornucopia juice

mon. 2nd - New Haven, CT @ Neverending Books
w/ Kath Bloom

tues. 3rd - Boston, MA @ Deep Thoughts JP
w/ Frank Hurricane, Nate Ventura

wed. 4th - Providence, RI @ TBA
w/ Frank Hurricane

thurs. 5th - Worcester, MA @ Firehouse
w/ Frank Hurricane, Sister Mary

fri. 6 th - Lowell, MA @ 119 Gallery
w/ mwchins and Miss Olivia Kennett

sat. 7th - Biddeford, ME @ the Oak and the Ax
w/ Blood Warrior, mwchins and Miss Olivia Kennett

sun. 8th - Kittery, ME @ Ryan Harrison's house
w/ Blood Warrior, mwchins and Miss Olivia Kennett

mon. 9th - TBA

tues. 10th - Portsmouth, NH @ the Red Door
w/ Blood Warrior

wed. 11th - Annandale on Hudson, NY @ Bard College

thurs. 12th - Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool
w/ Peter Stampfel, Daniel Bachman

Colby Nathan fall 2013 shows with Lisa/Liza and Nesey Gallons:
October 11th - PORTSMOUTH, NH @ Red Door Gallons
October 13th - BURLINGTON, VT @ Flynn Ave  
w/ Spacemen Saturday Night, Life MusiK mit Andre

a very special performance by:
Heart Murmur Sounds Good
on OCTOBER 25th

(new england) patriots Fall Tour 2013 With Ski-mak !

THURS. 9/19 - BROOKLYN, NY @ Death By Audio - w/ Alien Trilogy & Big Ups
FRI. 9/20 - BINGHAMTON, NY @  The Hate Chamber w/ Dog, 100% Black
SAT. 9/21 - HARRISONBURG, VA @ The Crayola House - w/ Kal Marks
SUN 9/22 - ATHENS, OHIO @ The Lodge - w/ Frankie Teardrop
TUES 9/24 - ANN ARBOR, MI @ 8-Ball Saloon
WEDS 9/25 - CHICAGO, IL @ Lake Paradise - w/ Toupee 
THURS 9/26 - CARBONDALE, IL @The Swamp - w/ Spelling Bee
FRI 9/27-  LEXINGTON, KY @ uhm, a bar w/ Today's Hits
SUN 9/29 - NASHVILLE, TN @ the Other Basement w/ Breast Massage, Gnarwhal
MON 9/30 - ATHENS, GA @ some warehouse w/ Faun and a Pan Flute
TUES 10/01 - GREENSBORO, NC @ New York Pizza w/ Bugs and Rats, Hunnie Bunnies
WEDS 10/02 - WASHINGTON, DC@ CD Cellar w/ Escape-ism
THURS. 10/03 - BALTIMORE, MD w/ Dan Deacon, Chris Day
FRI 10/04 - PHILADELPHIA, PAw/ Cy Barkley, the Bad Doctons
SAT 10/05 - BARD COLLEGE, NY w/ Alberta
 elephant berlin shows:
May 6 - Valentin St├╝berl
June 18 - Loophole Bar
August 16 - Madame Claude

Colby Nathan:
July 18 - BOSTON @ Cheap Seats 
July 19 - BIDDEFORD, ME @ Oak and  the Ax w/ Tim Cushing, Greg Jamie
August 4 - PORTLAND, ME @ Peter's house w/ Ed Askew, + TBA
August 7 - HADLEY, MA @ Andrew's house w/ Happy Jawbone, Saralee

(new england) patriots shows can be found at:
July 15 - CAMBRIDGE, MA @ Charlie's Kitchen w/ Nice Guys, No Fun, Casanovas In Heat
July 24 - CAMBRIDGE, MA @ Middle East w/ Designer, + TBA
August 6 - ALLSTON, MA @ O'brien's w/ Frankie Teardrop 
August 15 - PORTSMOUTH, NH @ Red Door
August 16 - PORTLAND, ME @ Poland
Colby Nathan solo "comedy tour" 2013
don't be a fooooooool:

f 22 - AUSTIN @ the Mad Stork's house
then juss hangin' with the mad stork for a minute, then
th 28 - AUSTIN @ Trailer Space Records
s 30 - HOUSTON @ the Doctor's Office
s 31 - NOLA @ Reality House Nursing Home w/ Them Natives
m 1 - NOLA @ Taylor's house
t 2 - PENSACOLA @ TBA house show
w 3 - TALLAHASSEE @ Greenhouse
th 4 - ORLANDO @ Uncle Lou's
f 5 - ST. AUGUSTINE @ The Standard
s 6 - Slept in a rental car in Savannah, GA this night.  Took in some marginal tourism then at 5am attempted to investigate the Bonaventure Cemetery.  It was down a long, overgrown Georgia road, without moon or a star in the sky, and the entrance was protected by two solemn, stoned servants of the lord.  It was eerie, so I did not enter, I drove to Atlanta to catch a bus.
s 7 - NASHVILLE @ Owl Farm
m 8, t 9, w 10, th 11 - BIG SMOKY camping funtime!
f 12 - ASHEVILLE @ House show w/ Yairms
s 13 - GREENSBORO @ TYP House w/ Yairms
s 14 - DURHAM @ Fellowship Hall w/ Yairms
f 19 - BALTIMORE @ the Zoo
w 24 - PURCHASE, NY @ Whitson's w/ Iji, the Dreebs
th 25 - PORTLAND, ME @ SPACE w/ o'death, coke weed, butcher boy
f 26 - BAR HARBOR @ LOMPOC w/ o'death and coke weed
w 1 - BOSTON @ Deep Thoughts JP w/ Boxhead, Olden Yolk
s 5 - NORTHAMPTON @ King St. Manor w/ tacos
f 10- BURLINGTON @ Waking Windows fest w/ Fat History Month, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Son of Salami, Great Valley, Guerilla Toss
s 11 - BENNINGTON @ Bennington College w/ Happy Jawbone, Follies

hyena february 2013 wess coss trrr
6th - Santa Barbara, CA @ Biko Infoshop w/ Landoooo
8th - Portland, OR @ the Record Room
w/ Michael Hurley, Dragging An Ox Through Water, P / U / C
9th - Seattle, WA @ Another Dream w/ Weird Bug, Humble Cub, Heavy Petting
10th - Olympia, WA @ Le Voyeur Cafe
11th - Portland, OR @ Phil's house! w/ Follies and Omeed
12th - Portland, OR @ Red and Black
13th - Arcata, CA @ Blondies w/ our BUDDY REED
14th - Stockton, CA @ Plea For Peace w/ Filbert, Awahnichi
15th - Big Sur, CA @ Big Sur Tap House w/ Levi Strom
16th - Pomona, CA @ the dA Center for the Arts w/ Shivering Window, Crisis Arm, Light Light, Infinity Dots

24th - houseshow in silverlake
march 2nd - Pomona, CA @ dA Center for the Arts

(new england) patriots liberation-fest 2013 winter tour 
w/ Fat History Month
1/12/12 - Allston, MA @ Boogerslop w/ Skimask, Nice Guys in Allston 
1/14/13 - Brooklyn, NY - @ Death By Audio.  w/ Daniel Higgs & Kid Millions/Arrington De Dionyso Duo
1/15/13 - New Brunswick, NJ @ The Alamo
1/16/13 - Richmond, VA - @ The Bauhaus
1/17/13 -   Athens, OH @ Casa Nueva w/ Frankie Teardrop
1/18/13 - Cincinatti, OH @ Baba Budans (fuck this place) w/ Frankie
1/19/13 - Nashville, TN - @ Tower 2 at the WTC
1/20/13 - Murfreesboro, TN - @ Franky Avalon House w/ Gnarwhal
1/21/13 - Atlanta, GA @ The Office
1/22/13 - Asheville, NC @ The Get Down
   1/23/13 - Raleigh, NC - @ Yerducken House
1/24/13 - Harrisonburg, VA @ The Crayola

1/26/13 - Boston, MA @ Cambridge Elks Lodge, " Boston Underground Summit 5" - w/ Bugs and Rats, Cottaging, Ramming Speed, True Cross & More

elephant spring 2012 mini tour 
May 6 - Allston, MA @ Gary's Garage w/ Micah Blue Smaldone, Coke Weed, Warren (as hyena)
May 16 - Lowell, MA @ Ant cellar w/ Saralee 
May 17 - Biddeford, ME @ Oak and the Ax 

May 18 - Northampton, MA @  King St Manor w/ Great Valley 
May 19 - Allston, MA @ Sealbeard's w/ Kal Marks and Banned Books
May 21 - Cambridge, MA @ Zuzu (Freak Flag benefit) w/ Fat History Month (as hyena)

hyena spring tour with Great Valley
ah gee, march of 2012, we did the SXSW horror show (not to say it was all bad, but still...), and had weird times all along the way!  I laughed a lot, certainly.  I watched a dood walk naked into the ocean during sunrise, then get slowly pulled down the beach by the current.  He surfaced far enough down that he couldn't find the staircase he had used to access this, seemingly quite private, beach - just as elderly and middle aged residents of the area came out for their morning walks with their dogs or whatnot.  Yeah, I watched him scurry down the beach tryin' hide himself.  Then he came to talk to me for awhile.  more memories coming soon!

hyena summer tour 2011
it was the second long one, we went from Maine to California and this time Greg came back with us. Eve was on board for the ride back too.  we didn't go up the west coast at all this one.  we spent a minute in los angeles then turned right around.  we met up with fat history month and ugh, god and yairms and a bunch of good folk along the way.  a woman in... shit where was that, I even asked Dylan the other day... where... well... I'll update it later, but she asked what kind of music we played, "gospel, bluegrass, or country?".  and I bought that windchime there.  we played with dust from 1000 years at that pizza place in bloomington... it was their drummer's last show with the band.  jimmy housed us and we went swimming in a pool.  they were very generous.  I'm too tired, more memories coming soon! 

hyena summer tour 2010
this was the first big tour, but also just the first tour.  we'd never really done more than like three shows in a row. I dunno what we were thinking, but we went from Kennebunk to Los Angeles.  we used a jeep cherokee with a snail trail roof rack.  we played the first show at gay gardens, I'm pretty sure at least. we went south, I have to update this later.  I know we had really hot days in Atlanta and New Orleans.  I got some pink overhauls and I was glistening and they had to give me a t-shirt to borrow at the   cajun restaurant, so the waiter thought I was a really dedicated to the cuisine.  we ended up getting a hotel cause there were hurricane warnings, but our car wouldn't fit in the garage with the roof rack so we had to take it off the jeep and carry it up to keep in our room.  I don't know why we got a hotel room.  these tours were not booked by an educated booker, it was just me guessing a lot.  I think we all lost a good amount of money this round.  I remember, we played a 4th of july show next to the rio grande.  we had fun in albuquerque.  it was so generous to us that trip.  we went to Ceasar's and la Paisa (I may be misspelling this, I'll ask Dylan and Greg). I even bought a wedding dress. we met Fiorella.  that place in tucson got red flagged cause of the loud surf rock.  we stayed with my mum's childhood friend, theresa, and we could swim and look at the mountains.  we met Jeremy at the dressing room in Phoenix.  we drove overnight after the show to Los Angeles.  we played with cool bands up in Oakland at the WE Gallery, I loved it there but we never got to go back.  we stayed at little teeth's house.  Dylan and I continued to Portland from there, and Greg went back to Los Angeles.  We broke down in Portland, our power steering exploded or whatnot right after we got off the highway.  we played an awesome house show.  We drove two days to Denver, where we hung out and played with Erin waters of bunk Boyland-cha-ka.  we moved her out of her sketchy apartment and over to Boulder.  We went in the mountains a bit in Boulder.  Oh yeah, we did that back in Asheville too, no show, but mountain rivers instead.  I remember Zara really hit her head, but she was okay.  Ah gee, I'm losing steam.  we played in chicago.  one show I wore the dress and it was just me and dylan and a couple friends we knew from growing up.  we slept in a really dirty apartment in cleveland above the bar we played in.  I remember a lot of cat hair and fruit flies.  I remember I've never been as tired as I was after this tour.  we played the last show in Allston.  

hyena's first shows as a duo.  those were in fall 2009.  mostly in Allston. really amazing times. I used Luke's amp for our first show at Problemhouse. some shows at Purchase too. We also had fun in New Brunswick around this time. one of the times, that ice ball hit dylan's car window.  he practically predicted it. 

'sunny side of the street' show in my barn.  with Dylan, Luke, Tim, and I.  Cara helped me make an installation in the barn with a bunch of fake christmas trees, fake flowers, big frames, instruments, couches, a tv, security cameras.  Lauren opened the show on violin.  I was trying to get my neighbors dad to play bagpipes.  he played them for me in a small living room; it was so loud, I thought my head was going to pop.  Tim lived in Kennebunk that summer making money on the internet I think.  there were bad seeds that summer.  we started recording hunting songs.  I was working on 'outside, the great drought' still too, before Dylan had recorded drums even.  I had just gotten back from France, and was working as a bellman.  I still am now and then.  

Tim and I did a mini northeast tour, which ended up only being two shows.  One at the whitehaus in JP with Great Valley, well before I knew what sorta magic I had tapped into.  And the other in Providence at Bld16 with Mayor Daley.  I was so naive, I didn't even know then.  Luke and Alaina came with us for these shows.  I was losing it doin' louie anderson "impressions."